Primary Consulting Services:


*  Train-The-Trainer Program - Ideal for established HR staff.                                 

*  Risk & Vulnerability Assessment - On-Site Inspection at your workplace.

*  Crisis Response Plan - Custom to your facility needs.

Employee & Mock Scenario Training - Where we develop critical muscle memory.

*  Litigation Support - Defending clients during any civil claim (premises liability).


Employees are the first line of defense during an Active Shooter Incident. 

Proper reaction within the first 5 seconds of an Active Shooter Incident is paramount. 


Secondary Consulting Services:

 *  Robbery Training (Banks, Pharmacy, & the Retail Market.)

A guest on The Steve Harvey Show discussing the 2008 Northern Illinois University shooting with Marie, a victim who survived that incident.

With ABC 20/20's Elizabeth Vargas filming "In An Instant" - how to survive a mass shooting - how lives can be an instant.

Testifing and giving recommendation at a Pa Senate Hearing (Education Committee and the Veterans Affairs & Emergency Preparedness Committee) on Active Shooter Violence and keeping Pennsylvania schools safe.

A guest on PCN's Focus on Education discussing strategic planning and safe school coalitions.

A guest on PCNC's Pittsburgh Now with host Chris Moore (WPXI News Station) discussing proper worksite assessment and crisis response planning. 

With KDKA's David Highfield speaking on the Department of Homeland Security's recommended model for proper reaction at the workplace. 

In Pittsburgh with WTAE's Marci Cipriani on the yearly rise in Active Shooter Incidents since the 1960's. 

With KDKA's Kym Gable in Washington discussing recent Officer Involved Shootings and the "Warrior Mindset", a relatively new survival training philosophy available to police and SWAT officers. 


In studio with WTAE's Shannon Perrine on what to do during an Active Shooter Incident.

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